Existing customers will have a support account set up when any item is purchased which includes support tokens. You will have received an email with your default password in, this can be changed to something more memorable by logging in and choosing Change password.

Support questions can be of any nature relating to any of Elesar's products, though please bear in mind that some of the more complicated questions may require research before a response can be given. Each new support ticket consumes one support token once resolved, unless the support was needed because of a defect in something Elesar created, as that would be a little unfair otherwise.

Be sure to check the existing documentation for the answer to your question! Some of the easiest tickets to answer are those where the answer merely requires pointing at something you've not read, in which case you may have wasted a token. You'll only get a response if you have token credits.

To open a new support ticket, click Submit a ticket when logged in.

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